Oooooooo Design is a new American firm launching the Fichu as a brand new category of Women’s Accessory for Fall 2014!

Formed by Henry Tarin and Dylan Warren, Oooooooo is a design house based out of Austin, Texas focused on innovating in the Accessory and Apparel market. Henry brings over 25 years of design and styling experience and Dylan, a decade of management. Together, they have a roadmap for Oooooooo Design that includes introducing new and unexpected products, fostering and promoting rising artists and supporting Women’s Charities as a For Benefit company.

The Oooooooo concept is about simplicity and enhancing beauty through fashion. As such, the focus is on garments that are easy to understand and naturally dynamic through a combination of form and texture.

The Fichu is a simple loop of multi-ply Tulle meant to fall about a woman’s shoulders. It makes a stunning compliment to a variety of looks from casual cocktail to elegant eveningwear. It can be worn with a frothy, voluminous texture, as a folded, fitted garment or anywhere in between! The simplicity of the design is surprisingly adaptable as the Fichu may be styled in a number of different ways by separating and draping its many layers.

No other garment on the market has quite the same look as the Fichu, nor its versatility. The fichu neckline speaks to a classic sensibility, but the Fichu itself has a flexibility that belies its form.